Powerful dashboards in just a few clicks.

Why us?

Scriptrics transforms PowerShell scripts into powerful, modern business dashboards.

  • 00Immediate results

    Scriptrics removes the cumbersome steps ofhaving to visualise your scripts and gets thingsdone quickly

  • 01Real time, anywhere

    Engineers and managers can easily monitorand manager their infrastructure from justabout anywhere in real time

  • 02Collaboration at its best

    Being the customizable behemoth that it is,engineers, managers and teams can easilyshare data, and work together across projects.

  • 03Increased productivity

    With all excessive steps removed, this allowsthe PowerShell scripters to focus on what theydo best.

what we offer
what we offer
what we offer

Highly customizable
01Highly customizable SaaS solution.Create dynamic dashboards!

Scriptrics is able to extract and provide data from anywhere and execute any actions, customizable to your needs with only PowerShell as a dynamic data source while taking advantage of the powerful and highly flexible PowerShell as data provider. The possibilities are endless! It is pre-installed and can be easily installed on any platform.

With the cross-platform functionality of the latest PowerShell Core release, even Unix-based systems, like Mac and Linux, can make use of it.

macOSdynamic data source
Linuxdynamic dashboards
02Guaranteed security.With the Scriptrics agent application installed, users are empowered to have full control over executed scripts and what data gets sent via the agent to the website.

In detail, it allows writing and providing PowerShell scripts for the agent locally. Users can just use their tools of choice, to write and test scripts, and then save it to a dedicated directory where the agent will catch them and make them available on the website.

Through this, no credentials and malicious scripts gets in or out, ensuring data remains secure and compliant.

03Real-time infrastructureMonitor and manage infrastructure in real-time and on-demand from anywhere.

Our product transforms existing scripts automatically into beautiful and insightful dashboards in just a few clicks. This allows the PowerShell scripters to focus on what they do best, writing scripts and allowing you to monitor your infrastructure in real time instantly.

real-timeinfrastructure monitoring
Wide array of
04Wide array of graphics chart library.Create and discover all kinds of dashboards within our plethora of graphics selection! With our highly customizable platform, not one dashboard will be the same.
Highly customizable
Wide array of


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    Problem statement
  • 01Defined and built MVP
    Defined and built MVP
  • 02Product validation
    Product validation
  • 03Beta prototyping testing
    Beta prototyping testing
  • 04Market testing
    Market testing
  • 05Colloboration partnership (TBD)
    Colloboration partnership (TBD)
  • 06Product launching
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